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The Ogasawara Islands were listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011.
We are a representative Chichijima island in the Ogasawara Islands,
resort accommodation, eco tour guide.
Tour guides who are familiar with Ogasawara are supporting you.

Support for all aspects of your Ogasawara trip!
Ogasawara Ecotourism Resort is all about ecology in its tours, cafes, and gifts.


Premium support for all aspects of your Ogasawara trip!
Ogasawara Ecotourism Resort is all about ecoloy in it's tours,cafes,and gifts.

Warm, clear ocean, home to dolphins and whales; mountains caressed with invigorating whispers of a cool breeze… Family and friends are precious to anyone.
Thus, we thought about how we would want ours to enjoy their time on the islands when visiting the Ogasawaras, and then incorporated those ideas into a total guide service that provides visitors with the best the Ogasawara Islands have to offer.
No going out in a boat when the seas are bad, and no hiking around mountains under the blazing sun—standard fare has its limits.
We know the island, and we bring its best to you. Take, for example, the amazing nature on the islands—something to enjoy, something to respect, something to treat gently and coexist with comfortably; that is the idea that gave birth to our premium resort.
We source our resort's food locally as a matter of course and keep wastage to a minimum. At Ogasawara Ecotourism Resort, we offer you a new proposition: That you enjoy your time on the island while getting a sense of everything its nature has to offer.
The resort has a wonderful, open-terrace cafe, so why not come down for a cup of some delicious organic coffee? We all look forward to seeing you soon.


Your best option for the day

Experience a real eco-tour, from ocean tours of waters home to dolphins and whales and breathtaking tropical islands to land tours filled with unique island flora, fauna, and culture. Our tours are in small groups and tailored to the weather and other conditions of the day.


Relax in comfort, resort-style.

Enjoy the resort lifestyle at our Heart Rock Lodge, an eco-lodge that gives maximum consideration to the environment while embodying a new concept of not equating ecology with frugality.

Nature Academy

At Take Nature Academy, we offer full support for your journey to the Ogasawara Islands, blessed by nature in all its glory. We tailor-make tours to match both your requests and the daily weather conditions on the islands, offering full support so you can relax in comfort from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave. Let us help you get the most out of your island experience.


Swimming with or Watching Dolphins Details


Whale Watching Oceans of life Whales are the world's largest mammals, and in the waters around the Ogasawaras you can find humpback whales and sperm whales. They come to the Ogasawaras to give birth and raise their young. When observing whales, make sure you approach them carefully so as not to startle them. Details

Knorr Island

Knorr Island Knorr Island is a small, uninhabited island to the south-west of Chichijima Island. It is an island made from limestone projecting in a unique formation called a "karst." The island is home to the concave land hermit crab, a protected species, as well as precious endangered species. It is also a breeding/nesting location for seabirds and the green turtle. In order to protect this precious natural environment, the Tokyo metropolitan government has set rules for the use of the island. Details


Snorkeling A veteran diving instructor will be your guide to the Ogasawara ocean. Choose from pearly white beaches, pretty coral, colorful fish, and sunken boats. All you need to make the most of your time in the water in the Ogasawaras is a mask, snorkel, and fins! Details


Wakeboard For those who have tried it, it needs no introduction. However, to the uninitiated it can sometimes be a little difficult to explain. "Side water-skiing" or "water snowboarding" might be the easiest words to use to get the concept across. However you choose to describe it, it is a marine sport that looks cool and feels even better! With all the jumping and acrobatics you see on TV, wakeboarding looks difficult. However, the reality is that it is so easy almost anyone can do it! Details


TrekkingThe Ogasawara Islands are home to a very beautiful display of nature, so much so that they are called the “Galapagos Islands of the Orient.” There are many plants peculiar to the islands, and there are many protected species, including the evergreen oak Japanese wood pigeon, the Ogasawara buzzard, and the Ogasawara fruit bat. You can see them all on your walks to scenic destinations on the islands. Details


History First-time visitors to the Ogasawara Islands probably get an impression of roughness from the rugged rocks on Chichijima Island. Take just one step into the island's interior and there is evidence everywhere of how hard life was for our predecessors. Take a walk into the past and learn about some Ogasawara history. Details


Night-time There is more to the nightlife on the islands than a few drinks before bed! Night-time in the Ogasawaras also has a lot of hidden appeal. Some of the island residents literally show their true colors in the darkness, so come and see for yourself! Details


Star-watching The sun sinks into the western side of the ocean, the sky is dyed orange, and another day draws to a close. But now it is time for the true stars to shine. And shine they do—so many of them, and so brightly. It is a special moment. Beautiful with the naked eye, and even more fascinating with a telescope, take time to enjoy them as you try and get closer. Details

Let Us Be Your Guide to All the Natural Beauty of the Ogasawaras
Enjoy the resort lifestyle at our Heart Rock Lodge
Enjoy tree-filtered sunlight at our cafe in between tours